St. Gregory the Great Seminary Chapel and Classroom Addition

Seward, Nebraska

Geary Engineering, Inc. provided the mechanical and electrical engineering services for the renovations to an existing facility to convert a psychiatric hospital into a seminary for St. Gregory the Great Seminary in Seward, Nebraska.  After the renovations were completed, Geary Engineering, Inc.  provided the engineering services for the Chapel, Library and Classroom additions.  The existing facility was approximately 35,000 square feet.  The Library and Classroom addition consisted of approximately 12,800 square feet for the library, support areas, classrooms, restrooms and mechanical room.  The Chapel addition involved remodeling 6,800 square feet and an addition of 4,200 square feet for administrative offices, and a new chapel of approximately 8,800 square feet.  The budget cost of the entire project was $6,500,000.00.

The existing building had roof top units.  These roof top units were left in place to serve the existing facility.  For the Chapel, Library and Classroom, new HVAC systems were provided.  The Chapel is served by a constant volume air handling system.  The system is design to run at two different speeds.  The low speed is for low occupancies when very few people are in the Chapel.   The high speed is for the occasions when a large number of people are in the Chapel.  The heating and cooling systems for the Chapel were designed to operate at less than an NC rating of 20.

The Library and Classrooms are served with a variable air volume system with VAV boxes and reheat coils.  New boilers provide heating for the Chapel, Library and Classrooms.  Each of the air handling units have air-cooled condensers to provide air conditioning.

Custom designed lighting fixtures were designed for the Chapel.  A low voltage control system controls the lighting throughout the Chapel and provides an unlimited number of lighting schemes.  The control system also allows four different preset scenes.

The existing electrical service was increased to handle the entire facility.  The existing main switchboard was reused and expanded for the new expanded facility.

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