Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics Testing Facility

Southeast Community College
Owner: Southeast Community College

Architect: Dennis J. Lyon, Architects

Square Feet: 15,700 Square Feet

Construction Budget: $1,250,000.00

The Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics is a facility designed for the testing of all electrical and electronic equipment to meet manufacturing and compliance requirements.  The facility will provide testing for electronics hardware and industry certification, applying research of new production technology and training for industry professionals.

Research for the design of the building included reviewing installations at several local electronic manufacturing companies and the UL Testing lab in Chicago.  The final design was a coordinated effort of representatives from the electronics manufacturers and architectural/engineering design team.

The mechanical systems have commercial horizontal fan coil units with high efficient filters and humidifiers for each zone throughout the facility.  Cooling is provided by unitary air conditioners with DX coils for each of the fan coil units.  The mechanical equipment was located on a mechanical mezzanine to allow service and maintenance of the equipment without disruptions to the testing equipment.

The testing area had an overhead grid system to provide power, lighting, communications and data wiring to the test equipment below.

A major feature of the testing area is a 10 meter anechoic chamber for EMI testing of electronic and electric equipment.

A 50 Hz. Generator and power distribution was designed for testing of electronic equipment for international manufacturers.

Other electrical systems include transient voltage surge suppression, reference grounding grid, data and communications wireways, electronic access controls, lightning protection system, and energy efficient lighting.  The electrical systems were designed to provide flexibility for adding and changing testing equipment in the future as technologies change.

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