Lower Platte South NRD Office Addition and Renovation

Lincoln, Nebraska

Geary Engineering, Inc. provided the mechanical and electrical engineering services for the office addition to the Lower Platte South NRD Offices at 3125 Portia, Lincoln, Nebraska.  The project is briefly described as a 3,600 square foot addition (lower and upper floors) with revisions to the existing building.

The Lower Platte NRD expressed a desire to provide an energy efficient building using “Green” components as much as possible.  Geothermal heat pumps were recommended for the addition and to modify the existing HVAC systems in the original building (excluding the 1994 addition).  The geothermal heat pump system would involve geothermal wells located on the north side of the building with piping extended into a pump room in the building.  A total of 19 geothermal wells located under the parking lot provide the source for heating and cooling the building.  Individual water source heat pumps are located to serve the designated zones.  The existing two furnaces and ductwork in the original building were replaced with heat pumps.

The Owner also wanted storm water retention on site even though it was not required by codes.  A small retention basin with natural plantings was design to catch the runoff from the parking lot.

Other “Green” building components designed into the building include motion sensor lighting controls, atrium for day lighting, T-5 lamps, dual flush toilets, water saving faucets and insulated ducts and piping.

A new fire sprinkler system was designed for the existing building and the addition. Areas requiring sprinklers included the addition, original building and the attic spaces.  The fire sprinkler piping in the existing building needed to be installed in soffits, in the attic, or be exposed in the space being served.  The computer server room was designed with a dry chemical release system.

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