Lincoln Surgery Center Medical Office Building

Lincoln, Nebraska

Owner: Seventieth Street Properties

Architect: Findley & Associates

Square Feet: 37,800 Square Feet

The Lincoln Surgery Center Medical Office Building provides office space for medical professionals in close proximity to the Lincoln Surgical Hospital.  The office building has three levels with medical offices on the upper two floors.  The lower level provides mechanical equipment rooms and general storage area for the tenants.  Geary Engineering, Inc. provided the engineering design services for the shell construction of the building and for the medical offices that occupy the building.  Tenants of the Medical Office Building include plastic surgeons, gastroenterologists, orthopaedics, endoscopy services, laboratory and pathology testing services.  An overnight-stay area provides a place for patients and family to stay when there are complications with surgical procedures.

The Medical Office Building is heated and cooled with fan coil units.  The fan coil units are located in two separate mechanical rooms on the lower level and in two mechanical penthouses above the second level.  Each tenant space has their own electrical and gas meters.

The fan coil units have gas fired heat exchangers for heating with DX coils for cooling.  Each fan coil unit has a thermostat strategically located in the tenant space.  Air cooled condensing units are located on the roof and on the car port with refrigerant piping to each fan coil unit.

Several of the medical offices required medical gas systems.  A central medical gas system was designed for the entire building.  The medical gas canisters are located in a medical gas storage room in the lower level.  Oxygen, vacuum, medical air and nitrogen gases are provided.  The gases are manifolded together and provide service to three different tenants.  There are monitors and alarms located in each of the tenant spaces that use these gases.

The Medical Office Building has an emergency generator to provide power to critical areas in the event of a power failure.  The emergency generator provides power to emergency lighting throughout the building and power to the minor procedure rooms on first floor.  Emergency power is also provided to the overnight stay patient rooms.

Geary Engineering designed an NFPA 13 fire sprinkler system to provide 100% coverage for the entire building.  A fire detection and alarm system provides early warning to the tenants in the event of a fire.

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