Holt County Courthouse Addition and Renovations

O’Neill, Nebraska

Geary Engineering, Inc. provided the mechanical and electrical engineering for the addition and renovations to the existing Courthouse for Holt County. The project started with master planning to evaluate the existing systems and provide an analysis of proposed systems. The addition to the Courthouse provides additional space for the county offices, ADA access to all levels, secure access for law enforcement and additional exiting as required by the State Fire Marshall.

The existing steam boiler and steam radiator heating system was replaced with a ground coupled heat pump system. The window air conditioners were also removed. The heat pump system required 92 wells, which are located below the parking lot south of the Courthouse. The wells are connected at a vault with headers before entering the building. The heat pump water is pumped through the building to 69 heat pumps. Console, horizontal and vertical type heat pumps were used depending on the application.

ADA accessible rest rooms were provided in the addition. The existing rest rooms in the Courthouse were restored to their original character. A new high efficient gas fired water heater was installed to serve the entire building.

Fire and life safety improvements included a fire sprinkler system, a new fire alarm system, ADA strobes, exit and emergency lighting. A new emergency generator was provided for the emergency lighting systems. The generator also serves the jail and the emergency operations center located on the third floor.

A new electrical service was designed to serve the entire building. The electrical improvements included new branch circuit panels, new light fixtures and new receptacles. High efficiency T-8 lamps with electronic ballasts were used. All new wiring was provided throughout the building to replace the obsolete wiring.

New data (Cat. 5e) and communication wiring was installed to all existing and new outlets. The wiring was routed to a central data closet. The old wiring was stripped from the building. A CCTV system was design to provide security to the building and to assist in control access to the jail located on the third floor. Secure doors are controlled from the jail and the emergency operations center.

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